Why We Need Personal Growth To Make The World A Better Place

Are there times when you ask the reasons why we need personal growth to help you achieve your dreams and goals? Just like other people, you want to experience the answers to why we need personal growth and what it can bring into your life. You may have heard a lot of people talking about it but you want to know the difference why we need personal growth in our lives.

This may be the right time to ask ourselves why all of these violence, illness, hatred and prejudice are happening around us. Is there anything that we can do to make all these things better? Don’t you think this is enough reason to answer why we need personal growth? So, it might be possible that we can do something to change our environment.

As you know, changing other people is quite impossible, how much more if you want to change the world. Was there a time when you attempted to change someone you love, your friend, spouse or even your child. How did it go? Did that person change? Maybe not. Perhaps you have felt disappointed, frustrated and hopeless because you tried everything to change that person but it didn’t work at all.

Since it is difficult to change people, why not start changing yourself and this could possibly influence other people to change as well. This may be quite hard to believe but there is evidence that goes with it. This evidence comes from the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics. So the Law of Attraction answers the question why we need personal growth. While Quantum Physics shows that the things in this world are made of energy. It simply means that our desires, wants, needs and thought are only energy. They are nonphysical realities that were not yet made visible to the physical world.

Hence, we can say that whatever we focus our minds on, this becomes our reality. However, there is just a little hitch on this one. as you set your mind on things that you’re afraid of or the things that cause you unhappiness, you attract them to come into your life. But, if you focus your mind on more positive things, your desires and happiness, you will be greatly surprised at how much of these things can come into your life. This is why we need personal growth in our lives.

Like certainly attracts like. To put it simply, when you set your thoughts on good things, that energy will also attract the same kind of energy. if you set your mind on positive and happy things, you draw the same kind of people towards you, people who are happy and optimistic. Therefore, people who are miserable will likely go away or change the way they think towards a more positive one. So, this is why we need personal growth.

We may have different reasons why we need personal growth. However, we all want to achieve the same thing, which is to have a better and happier life and also be with people who share the same enthusiasm as we do. If you surround yourself with optimistic and happy people, you will feel more valued and alive. This may also uplift your spirit and self-esteem.

On the other hand, focusing your mind on the negative will most likely bring forth the same kind of energy in your life. And before you know it, people around you are also affected by it. For instance, you are with a person who constantly criticize and complain about almost anything. How would you feel? Perhaps this kind of situation is already familiar to you. This person may have made you feel miserable. That is why we need personal growth.

Clearly, the world can only be a better place if people change their thoughts and behavior into a more positive and healthier one. Cultivating this positive energy is essential to make this world better making it free from conflicts, anger and hatred. This is the primary reason why we need personal growth.

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